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Fluid Abstract Artist from Vancouver BC.

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About Me

Vancouver Artist

Antoinette Jackson is an abstract artist from Vancouver BC. She found beauty, freedom and possibility in her abstract painting process. Colour and natural forces take over her canvas and create luminous, enchanting works that capture a snapshot of the universe at play. Antoinette finds her inspiration in nature and the universe reminding her of life’s complexity.

Antoinette’s works are sold and collected across Canada and internationally.

Commissioned Works

Are you looking for a specific style, colour palette or size? I have worked with many clients to create works to their specifications. From triptychs to 4×5 canvases, I can create a solution tailored to your space.

Interested in a commissioned piece?
Send me an email, info@artforartssake.ca. or give me a call 604.729.2538

Art Classes

Acrylic fluid art is really fun and satisfying!

I hold classes for groups of 2-4. Classes usually last 3 hours and in that time each guest will create 2 paintings each.

Workshop cost is $250 for one person including all materials for 2 paintings (~12×12), each additional person is $75.

Workshops are booked for private groups so timing will be worked out based on the group’s schedule. Most classes end up being held on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Note: Paintings can be picked up 3-4 weeks later and will be varnished and ready to hang.

Interested in booking a class?
Send me an email, info@artforartssake.ca. or give me a call 604.729.2538

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